How do I access your online classes?
Just email us at yoga2@btinternet.com for details or to book into a class.

What software do you use for your online classes?
We are using the Zoom app which you can download for free on most devices.

What shall I wear?
Comfortable and loose fitting clothes, for example shorts or leggings and short-sleeved t-shirt. Bring something warmer to wear during relaxation so that you don’t get cold.

Do I have to bring a yoga mat?
Yes, you will need to bring your own mat and any other kit you require, for example, a blanket, block and belt.

Do I need to be flexible?
No, yoga is about you working from where you are.  Most people can practice yoga regardless of age, gender, flexibility or fitness. Modifications are available for every yoga pose and students are encouraged to work safely within their limits.

I have never done yoga before.  How will I know what to do in class?
We have people working at all levels in our classes.  We enjoy helping people get started and as there are generally two of us, you will get lots of help.

I have some health issues.  Can I still practise yoga?
It is always a good idea to check with your doctor first.  It would also it would be helpful to email us in advance so that we can advise you.

I practise yoga regularly, but I injured myself recently.  Should attend classes?
You should talk to your doctor or other medical adviser in case of injury and email us ahead of the class. Always let us know at the start of a class if you have a health issue or injury so that we can help you modify your postures and practise safely.